Frequently Asked Questions

You have walked the neighborhood, talked to many neighbors, hung signs everywhere, and called the animal control agencies. What else can be done? If you would like to mail something to as many addresses as possible in the area where your pet was last seen ... fast ... we can help!

How does it work?

  • You fill out a simple form to tell us a little about your pet.
    Have a digital photo of your pet, or one similar, ready to upload,
    or we can use a silhouette of your pet's breed.
  • We promptly email you a sample postcard of your lost pet along with a map of the area to be mailed.
  • You approve the sample postcard, mailing area, and quantity to be mailed.
  • We call to answer any questions or to confirm any final details and to get payment via credit card.
  • We print and mail them first class tomorrow so they get there fast.

What is included in the cost?

Everything. Our prices are flat rates and include:

  • Layout and design of the postcard
  • Color cardstock for B&W, white cardstock for color
  • Research and acquisition of the mailing list
  • Printing of the postcards
  • Addressing of the postcards and delivery to the USPS
  • First class postage so they are delivered as quickly as possible
                (USPS now averages 3-5 business days for first class mail in 2015)

Quantity B&W Print Color Print
1,000 (minimum) 48 cents / $480 55 cents / $550
2,000 (or more) 44 cents / $880 50 cents / $1,000
3,000 (or more) 40 cents / $1,200 43 cents / $1,290
Yes, these prices include the 34 cents first class postage postcard rate!
Any custom design requests will incur additional fees and may delay the mailing.
We can also work with a 4"x6" design you have already created (with border).

We provide the highest level of service and the quickest turnaround available. We will take care of the whole mailing so you can be free to make calls and walk the neighborhood. We have only a limited number of reservations available each day so be sure to act soon to maximize your chances for a speedy recovery!

Lost Dog Mailing