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What else can I do?

The first thing you should do is visit your local humane society and animal shelters. You must go in person and you should visit them at least every other day. The shelters are often overrun with animals and inquiries making indentification over the phone or via a flyer very difficult.

Pets with microchips and tags can accidentally be euthanized in busy shelters. Do not rely on someone on the phone saying your pet is not there! You can search for your local humane society at was established to help free up your valuable time so you could focus on making the very important personal contacts in the search for your pet.

Pet Harbor
Pet Harbor is an easily searchable database of animals currently housed in shelters across the nation, and the only national pet listing site with information updated hourly. Pet Harbor helps animals find their current or new homes, helps the public to find lost or new companions, and helps animal shelters by providing another method of connecting them both. Users are able to search for adoptable pets at local animal shelters based on their description, receive e-mails when pets matching their description arrive at shelters, search for lost animals, and review animals found by individuals.

Missing Pet Partnership
A national, nonprofit organization which provides lost pet recovery tips and referrals for pet owner/guardians who have lost a beloved pet.

"Place highly visible lost dog posters in the area of disappearance and utilize a flyer distribution service that will mail notices to homes within a one-mile radius from where the dog escaped."

Lost Cat Finder
How to Find a Lost Cat tips + Lost cat book + missing cat posters + lost cat search & rescue lost cat profiling + coaching & case analysis + missing cat recovery and live on-site searches.

"Displaced cats hide in silence. They will not reply to your call. It's a natural form of protection for a cat." Find out invaluable information about cat behaviors that will help you in your search. Find out why leaving food out can be the exactly wrong thing to do when trying to recover a lost cat.
If your pet is lost, the best chance you have of recovering your loved one is to read [the] article, 'How to Find a Lost Cat or Dog'.

"Overall, flyers or posters produce more "finds" than anything else ... [but don't neglect the rest of the tips] ...your budget will determine how many flyers you can afford to post, but the more the better."

Lost Dog Search
LostDogSearch is a one-person volunteer operation that provides free information, guidance, and support through [their] website, emails, and phone calls.

"Fliers and signs alert the public that a dog is lost, missing, or stolen. They encourage sighting calls from people who think they've seen the dog, and from others who might see it in the future."

Dog Detective
The Dog Detective ALERT System is a worldwide network of animal control departments, humane societies, rescue organizations, search/rescue groups, shelters, no kill shelters, SPCAs, veterinarians, law enforcement agencies, neighborhood associations, educational institutions, individuals (volunteers), dog groomers, pet stores, dog trainers and dog detective members.

"There is really only one secret to finding a lost dog - find the person that last saw your dog. The more people that know your dog is lost, the more likely you are to find your dog!"

Yahoo! Pets
By the time you are reading this article, most likely you have been looking for your lost pet for 24 hours or more. You have walked then driven your neighborhood. You have been to the local animal shelter and registered your pet as missing. You have lost a lot of sleep.

"If you want to be more intensive with your [search], contact a company who, for a fee, will prepare a mailer and posters for you, and will send the mailer as a post card to 500 or as many as 1,000 homes in your circle. The mailer raises the awareness in the community. It adds more eyes to the search. It helps connect your dog who wants to come home with you, who are desperately trying to find it."

Lost Dog Mailing