Sample Postcard

To make this process as efficient as possible we have researched what information should be included on the postcards and created a template to expedite the design of your postcard. We offer high quality color printing on 100% post-consumer waste white cardstock (recommended to best show your pets' markings).



Sample Map

Using a residential address that you provide we will locate all homes within a certain distance. We recommend a radius (circle) search but that is not always the best option. We will depend on your knowledge of the area to recommend which areas we should target.

To maximize the coverage area you may consider sending to homes only, and not apartments. There sometimes are too many addresses concentrated in too small of an area in apartment complexes. We will rely on your knowledge of the area if we should include apartments and/or businesses in the area. It may be a good idea, however, to post a flyer at some of the larger apartment complexes in their lobby or laundry room if permitted. We normally exclude PO Boxes from the mailings but some rural areas only offer PO Box addresses so please let us know if we should include PO Boxes after you review the map we will send to you.

sample map