I used the postcards which were successful. Thank you!

-North Miami, FL

Found my pet using the postcards. We got a call from someone who found Cinco and he is safe and back home now! Thank you for your help.

-Orinda, CA

It was the postcards. After 3 weeks, a woman spotted my cat in her backyard, had kept the missing cat postcard she received in her mail, and called me. I rushed right out and sure enough it was my 14 1/2 year old. For an older cat to be missing that long and found alive .... it's a miracle.

-Tamarac , FL

Thanks so much for helping us find Katra!!! She's back home and doing fine. We're very grateful.

-Glendale, WI

My cat had been missing for two weeks. I ordered the pet postcards and within 4 days I got three phone calls about my cat. I collected my cat today. I live in Tampa. Even though it is a bit expensive, this method of finding your pet really works!

-Tampa, FL

People responded to the postcards right away. I am very happy I bought them despite the price.

-San Francisco, CA

We Found BAILEY!!! We are so happy. Thanks for your help!!

-Mountain View, CA

Hi! He was locked in a neighbor's garage for 18 days. He is skinnier, but just fine. Thanks for your emotional support.

-Denver, CO

I found my cat in my neighbourhood. Thanks for your services. Happy Cat Owner.

-Ventura, CA

I was glad I sent the cards because the neighborhood then knew who Rojo was. Thank you.

-Oakland, CA

I found my pet using lost pet postcards with a reward. Someone called me after seeing my dog's picture and returned him to me.

-Phoenix, AZ

If it was not for the cards, I don't think our pet would be at home. Someone took her and now she is back. Thank you from the whole family. Lots of love from Foxie.

-Milwaukee, WI

We found her via the pet postcards.

-Pearland, TX

Thank you so much for your support. I did find my Chihuahua.

-San Francisco, CA

My pet was found as a result of the mailing that you provided for me. Thanks!

-Queen Creek, AZ

Thank you so much. I really appreciated this service. It gave me a chance to do something when I was otherwise feeling so helpless. My dog is back, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again.

-Palm Springs, CA

This was a fantastic service and I am thankful to have it with Amberley was lost. She is found and we are thrilled. Thank you for all you do.

-Denver, CO

Thank you for your services! They kept us going!

-Steilacoom, WA

I do appreciate this service and the help that it gave.

-New York, NY

The system works. I found my "Maple" using the postcards sent out in my area. The finder brought her back the day after receiving the postcard. Many thanks.

-N. Las Vegas, NV

Thank you. I will encourage others in need to use your service. The postcards were pivotal to the return of our beloved.

Phoenix, AZ

I found my pet through Lost Pet Post Cards!

-Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for your support!

-San Jose, CA

They were extremely helpful and caring. I would recommend this service to anyone!


Very fast ship; easy ordering. Thanks.


I just wanted to send an email and thank you for your wonderful service! My yellow lab, Wrigley, ran away a week ago and was missing for seven days! I ordered the pet cards and had them mailed out. Two days later, I received a call from a neighbor approximately one mile from my home, saying that Wrigley was in his driveway.


Very nice customer service. I needed to cancel my order same day I placed it, no problems. A+ organization.


Excellent experience. I had questions and called and left a message. The company responded quickly by phone with a real person who went above expectations to answer my questions and get my order done on the same day.


The post cards were a hit. I found my dog! Now two weeks later I still have people coming up and asking if he is mine because they saw a card that he was lost.


Today is almost 3 weeks after these cards made circulation and I am STILL receiving phone calls from people who think they've seen my dog! Even more amazing are the number of people who have never heard of such a service and asked for more information. Money well spent either way, I can't say enough good things about their help when I was severely stressed over a missing four legged family member!!! HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION FROM A VERY SATISFIED AND GRATEFUL CUSTOMER!