Lost Dog or Cat?

Time is the most important thing now. We need to get your lost dog or lost cat's picture and information in front of as many people as possible. LostPetCards.com gathers the pertinent information about your pet, where your pet was last seen, creates postcards, and sends them out to thousands of people quickly.

Lost Dog or Cat?

We're Here to Help

Have you lost a dog, lost a cat or other lost pet? We understand the stress and concern. If you have a missing pet, the most important thing to do is to get the word out to as many people as soon as possible. There is only one secret to finding a lost dog - find the person that last saw your dog. The more people that know your dog is lost, the more likely you are to find your dog.

We're Here to Help

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

Imagine what a thousand pictures might do and our mailing service can spread the word to help find your pet. The form takes only a few minutes to fill out and there is no payment needed to get started.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

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"I just wanted to send an email and thank you for your wonderful service! My yellow lab, Wrigley, ran away a week ago and was missing for seven days! I ordered the pet cards and had them mailed out. Two days later, I received a call from a neighbor approximately one mile from my home, saying that Wrigley was in his driveway."

lostcat hawthorne"In January, our cat Hawthorne wandered out through our patio door in the middle of the night, and by the next day, he had not returned.

For the next ten days, we searched and waited for Hawthorne to come back. We would not have found him without LostPetCards.com. Only 48 hours after Hawthorne went missing, we contacted LostPetCards.com, and setting up our postcard and delivery options were a snap. I provided Hawthorne's vitals, our reward information, and a photo online, and within a few hours, we had a postcard design, and a caring mailing rep helping us plan our mailing drop. Two days later, the postcards were in mailboxes - and that same day, a neighbor was able to capture Hawthorne on video. We were relieved and excited to have an approximate location - and we also were excited that more than 10 Lawrence, Kansas residents were calling us from blocks away - either concerned about Hawthorne, or to report a possible sighting. The postcards were working!

The following day - 10 days after Hawthorne wandered away, another neighbor spotted him in his backyard. He called us, and made sure to mention he had the postcard in hand, was looking at the cat, and was 100 percent sure it was him. Using this tip, we were able to track Hawthorne under another porch deck, behind a leaf pile, and staying warm near a dryer vent. A perfect hiding spot - but we waited him out with food and chatter, and soon he was in my wife's arms, ready to go home.

It's truly nerve-racking and horrifying to lose a pet, to wonder what happened, and to spend sleepless nights and frustrating days wandering the neighborhood and searching for your lost friend. In our case, Hawthorne would not have returned home without LostPetCards.com. Their fast service, considerate demeanor, and ability to cover a sizable mailing area for reasonable cost helped mobilize our community, and helped identify Hawthorne. And now he's home!

Thank you, LostPetCards.com!"

-J. Hanley
Lawrence, Kansas

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